Lost and Found Service Puppy Is the Cutest Airport Worker You Will Ever See

KLM Airlines has a new worker on the Lost and Found team, and he is the cutest thing ever. A Beagle named Sherlock, is an excellent tracker and has the adorable task or reuniting passengers with their lost items at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport.

In the bustle of check-in, getting through security, finding your gate and the general stresses associated with travel, it is easy to forget a personal item. That is why Sherlock is on the job. The pup is trained to sniff out the passengers in the airport by tracking their scent left behind on the lost item.

Airline workers and flight crew monitor social media and check planes for lost items in an effort to provide the most efficient customer service possible. Sherlock is there to help make the lost and found services even speedier, returning items before travelers even leave the airport.

Once he picks up the scent, he’s trained to find the passengers—who understandably are happy to have their items back, but even more thrilled over how it is delivered.

In addition to strength and endurance training, Sherlock also undergoes socialization training— that’s probably why he’s so agreeable to getting his photo snapped with the happy travelers.

Watch the video above to see Sherlock on the job.