Lost Ship Discovered Floating Off the Oregon Coast, You Won’t Believe Where It Came From

A ship wreck floating off the Oregon coast is believed to be debris from the Japanese tsunami four years ago. A segment of a fiberglass boat washed up along the Oregon coast this week along with other ocean debris, Q13 Fox News reported.

The lost ship is believed to have originated from Japan—possibly adrift since the 2011 tsunami.

According to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, the 25-foot long boat was first discovered west of Ona Beach near Lincoln County, and it was probably part of a larger watercraft.

The department said in a statement:

“The debris appear to be half of two-thirds of a larger vessel, possibly damaged and set adrift during the earthquake and tsunami that struck the east coast of Japan in 2011.”

The 2011 tsunami devastated the eastern coast of Japan, and sent millions of tons of wreckage and debris adrift into the Pacific Ocean.

According to The Daily Mail, while much of the debris sank, at least 1.5 million tons of debris remains floating across the ocean—at the mercy of oceanic currents.

Oregon authorities reported that the vessel arrived with a variety of fish—still alive— that are found in the coastal waters of Japan, indicating the country as a possible point of origin. Biologists identified them as a specific variety of yellow-tail jack fish.

The debris is set to be towed into temporary storage, before it is removed from the water. It will then be studied by researchers from Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center, after which it will be dismantled.

Surviving fish will be left in the care of the Oregon Coast Aquarium, according to reports.

Check out the slideshow above to see photos from the discovery.