Love With Food: The Healthy Snack Food Subscription Service That Gives Back


Subscription boxes seem to be everywhere these days. From pet toys to makeup to fashion, you can pretty much get anything you desire delivered right to your front door. If you like the idea of not knowing what you’re going to receive, if you enjoy surprises, subscription boxes are the way to go.

When it comes to learning about and trying new foods, we really admire what Love With Food is doing.

This monthly subscription box offers subscribers the opportunity to sample the latest all-natural, organic snacks available to consumers. Each delivery comes with a brochure that provides information about the month’s theme, the items included, and a few coupons to accompany those products.

Love With Food makes it easy to snack guilt-free.

You get to choose between three different boxes: a Tasting Box ($7.99), a Deluxe Box ($16.50) or a Gluten Free Box ($19.99). Shipping is completely free and you have the option to cancel your subscription at any time.

If you ask us, you definitely get your money’s worth (and your taste buds satisfied) when you subscribe to Love With Food. The snacks and brands that were included in the box we received were absolutely delicious, and also things we would probably never pick up at our local grocery store.

The best part? For every box Love With Food sells, the company donates a meal to hungry children in America.

When it comes to giving kids in need a fighting chance, this subscription service is accomplishing something remarkable. So far, Love With Food has donated about 700,000 meals to those in need.

To learn more about Love With Food, or to sing up for a subscription, click here.