Lovesick Porcupine Breaks Into Zoo to be with His Captive Porcupine Crush

This story is sure to melt your cold, prickly heart. It’s a tale of two devoted lovers separated from one another—the lady held captive, her love unfailingly and dutifully visiting in secret every night. They are a testament to love and its power to withstand in the face of adversity.

Also, they just happen to be porcupines.

The pairs’ nightly trysts were discovered when keepers at a Tel Aviv zoo noticed quills and porcupine droppings outside of their female porcupine’s enclosure. They were suspicious that she was breaking out of her enclosure at night, but couldn’t figure out how she could escape—and she never actually went missing.

The truth was uncovered when an overnight zookeeper saw movement on the security camera outside her habitat.

Surveillance footage shows a wild male porcupine sneaking over to her enclosure for a visit. It turns out that he spends hours with her at night, every night, separated only by the bars. Keepers suspect that the visitor makes very lengthy stays, based on the large amount of droppings he leaves behind.

The Ramet Gan Safari Park says it does not yet know what to do about the pair—the female, named Dorit, grew up in captivity and would not survive in the wild, and it would be unethical to capture the wild porcupine.