Luckiest Man Alive Finds His Wedding Ring at the Bottom of the Ocean

A wedding ring is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. Not only is it a classic piece of jewelry that lasts a lifetime, but it represents a covenant between two people.

Jay Bradford, 27 was only married to his wife Megan for about a year when he lost his ring in the ocean.

He went blackfish fishing and by accident hit the bow rail with his hand and his ring came off his finger. It slid off, hit the tow rail and plopped into the water.

He knew he had to tell her immediately. His wife Megan said,

“He texted me and said his day was going wrong. I said, ‘don’t worry you will find the fish.’ He texted me back. ‘It’s not the fishing. I lost my ring in the water.’ I nearly threw up.”


Chances of finding a lost ring in the Ocean are probably close to impossible. However, Bradford didn’t give up.

He called his boat captain Nick Marsa and diver Mark Thompson and used a GPS tracker to go back to the exact spot he dropped his ring.

After only ten minutes, Thompson emerged from the water with the ring. He said the ring was lying on a rock.

This was definitely a once in lifetime experience. We’ll call it a Christmas miracle.