Lucky Fan Catches Country Legend George Strait’s Last Show Hat

Country legend George Strait officially ended his touring career on June 7 in Arlington, Texas, by performing in front of a record-breaking crowd of nearly 105,000 fans. Among them was Vernon Fiddler, a Dallas Stars hockey player who left the AT&T stadium that night with more than just fond memories. Fiddler also left with George Strait’s cowboy hat — his very last black Resistol show hat to be exact.

According to Country Music Nation, Fiddler grew up listening to old school country music so attending Strait’s last concert was special enough for him. Catching the hat was icing on the cake and just made things that much more memorable.

“I can’t believe I’m the one. But out of all those people, I got the hat” he said, explaining he was in about the sixth row on the floor, right in front of Strait when it happened. “You don’t expect to catch anything. But then it happened, and it all happened so fast. I remember grabbing it and feeling it, and I protected myself because everyone was kind of scrambling.”

And protecting himself and the hat was the right thing to do, as he quickly found it was in high demand. “A guy offered me his Rolex for it. And I’ve had other calls from people who want to buy it, and from the Country Music Hall of Fame that wants to display it. But I don’t want to let it go” he said, adding, “I don’t want it collecting dust either. I think it’ll be cool to tell the story to [the] grandkids someday.”

We think it’s a cool story to tell now.

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