WATCH: Madonna Makes Out with Drake at Coachella, Drake’s Totally Not Feeling It

You’d think it’s every young man’s fantasy to kiss Madonna, but that may not be the case for Drake.

On Sunday night at Coachella, Drake had Madonna, his surprise guest, appear with him on stage for his song title “Madonna.” After the song, Madonna took over the stage, singing parts of her songs “Human Nature” and “Hung Up.”

After Madonna finished her performance, she strutted over to Drake, who was seated. From behind she grabbed him and began kissing him. She then walked off while muttering, “I’m Madonna, b*tch!”

Drake, who didn’t seem to particularly enjoy or expect that they’d lock lips, exclaimed “What the f*ck just happened?”

Fans are divided over whether or not they approve of Madonna’s behavior last night. Tell us what you think!