Dentist Removes 15 Living, Squirming Maggots From Girl’s Gums in Stomach-Turning Video

Warning: Footage may be unsettling to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

When 10-year-old Ana Cardoso’s mom took her to the dentist after the young girl complained of a strange tingling sensation in her mouth, she certainly didn’t expect to learn Ana had more than a dozen maggots living in her gums.

“I couldn’t believe it when they said she had a disease,” Adriana Cardoso told reporters, explaining her daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of oral myiasis. “…and then [they] started pulling maggots out.”

The condition is described as a fly larvae maggot infection that grows in humans and animals and occurs when the tissues in a person’s oral cavity are invaded by parasites. These creatures lay larvae, which can feed on the host’s living or dead tissue, liquid body substance, or ingested food, according to The Daily Mail.

As the dentist started pulling out the maggots with a pair of tweezers, the process was recorded. A spokesperson for the office, housed in Brazil, said “’There were 15 maggots in her mouth so we videoed the removal for our records as it is a rare occurrence. We also wanted to show the girl’s family what had happened and warn others.”

We don’t think the girl’s family ever wants to relive the moment again, but if this encourages anyone else to visit their dentist more regularly, we’re behind the notion of recording this.

Check out the video below, but be warned, you may not be able to erase the memory from your mind.