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WATCH: How to Make an Orange Into a Candle

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make an orange into a candle? No? Us neither. But then we stumbled on this quick and easy tutorial and were hooked.

All you’ll need is a lighter, an orange, a knife and some vegetable oil and voilà! You’ve got an impressive little art piece that will wow your guests (or family) at the next gathering. In less than a minute, you’ll have yourself an 8-hour candle.

Here’s the original video that got us interested.

What’s even crazier? There are a TON of videos on YouTube about how to do this as well as other variations. And, as often happens on YouTube, we fell into a rabbit hole of orange-candle-making goodness.

Here’s a fancy one that lets you use the whole orange peel with a stylish lid.

And this video set up a fun scene for the candle making. We didn’t learn anything new, but we were entertained. And it reminded us that if we’re ever stuck in a power outage without any candles, learning how to make an orange into a candle may come in handy.

Thanks, YouTube!

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