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How to Make an Emergency Cell Phone Charger with an Altoids Tin

Just when you need your cell phone the most, it usually runs out of power; at least, that’s been a recurring issue for us. But what if you had an emergency cell phone charger? That would solve everything!

The truth is, there are a lot of brick portable charges on the market. You just plug them into the wall, charge them up, and then use them on your phone if no power is available. There are also solar charges, which is a good thing to have in any disaster kit.

Why Make It?

With all that in mind, you don’t really need to make this DIY Emergency Cell Phone Charger. But it is a fun project to make, especially with kids who will get a kick out of it, and they can learn a little bit about electricity when doing it.

Besides, your mobile phone can actually be a lifesaver or an emergency tool for survival. It can be used to make calls for help, as a flashlight, compass and GPS. However, if it runs out of battery, and your brick is dead, and you don’t have a solar charger (or it’s night time) you’re screwed.

That’s where this cool DIY project from the Crazy Russian Hacker (we don’t know if he’s really Russian) comes in. It allows you to use a few household items to power your phone in an emergency. It will also get you in touch with your inner MacGyver.

When you cannot gain access to a power outlet or computer, this simple, innovative emergency cell phone charger can definitely come in handy.

If you need more instructions, there are a bunch of these on YouTube, so do a search and have fun.

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