The Strange Secret Ingredient for Making the Best Bacon Ever

Bacon is a delicious and important staple of any large breakfast or club sandwich, but it can also be very difficult to get just right when you’re cooking it yourself.

Why? Well because although everyone has slightly different preference in how they like their bacon prepared—some people like it a little chewy, while others need it to be the extra crispy — it is far too easy to accidentally end up with super dry meat.

This is because the curing process already involves a lot of steps that dry out the meat—salting, smoking, and dry packing—all in the effort of preserving the strips and packing in that unique flavor. Unfortunately, that makes the meat predisposed to drying out—and even burning—very quickly once it hits the skillet.

Fortunately, we came across this video from America’s Test Kitchen’s YouTube channel, which demonstrates the way to get consistently cooked, crisp, and tender bacon every time you make it. And it couldn’t be more surprisingly simple! All you have to do is add water.

Yes, plain old H2O!

Bring the pan to a boil and let the water burn off, before letting the bacon cook in its own flavorful fat on a low heat. It’s an unusual—but genius—trick.

Check out the process in the video above!