How to Make Delicious Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

Feeling toasty this holiday season? Food blogger Cheri Alberts from The Watering Mouth has the perfect recipe for—get this—making toasted marshmallow shot glasses.

That’s right, all-in-one edible shot glasses that literally overflow with the holiday spirit—and they’re surprisingly easy, if a little messy, to make! All you need are some large marshmallows, your favorite liquor, toasting utensils (or forks), and the stove.

First, simply hollow-out the marshmallow to create a space big enough for a shot of alcohol. Then toast it over a stove burner until it is slightly burned on all sides. Fill it with your alcohol of choice and you have a ready-to-eat shot glass.

Cheri notes that the shot glasses fall apart quickly once liquid is added, so drink quickly after the pour.

With a substitution of chocolate milk instead of alcohol, this makes a fun treat for kids as well—just be sure to supervise the toasting process to avoid accidental burns.

Check out Cheri’s step-by-step instructions in the video above.