Mama June Threatens $1 Million Lawsuit if TLC Won’t Bring Back ‘Honey Boo Boo’

TLC is having a pretty rough week. First they had to face the 19 Kids and Counting sex scandal where it was discovered that 27-year-old Josh Duggar molested underage girls as a teenager. They thought they tackled that crisis by canceling the show, but now Mama June from “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is threatening to sue the network.

According to TMZ, Mama June’s lawyer says he gave the network the demand Friday. The family claims their rights were violated when TLC yanked the show hours after TMZ posted a pic of June with convicted child molester Mark McDaniel.

How? Evidently, they think the Duggar’s conduct was worse, and he faced “fewer consequences,” so they want Honey Boo Boo back on the air or they’ll sue them — to the tune of $1 million.

This comes on the heels of the former TLC reality star telling Entertainment Tonight that she thinks TLC knew about Josh Duggar’s past. She claims the network hid her secret, so they most likely hid his as well.

The potential Mamma June lawsuit doesn’t necessarily mean the family is suffering. She recently got paid a reported $5500 to make a public appearance at the Crazy Horse strip club in Pompano Beach, Florida. The reality star was hosting a party where attendees showed up to meet the reality mom. She was not there to remove her clothes.