Man Admits to Killing and Eating Wife’s Rapist in Gruesome Revenge Plot

A newlywed couple in Indonesia are starting married life behind bars, after they were arrested for killing the wife’s alleged rapist and cooking, then eating, the victim’s genitals.

Authorities said that the 30-year-old husband identified as Rudi Efendi, discovered that his wife was not a virgin on their wedding night. It was then that he learned that she had allegedly been raped.

His wife said the incident occurred a week before their wedding, and implicated a man she used to date.

Infuriated, Efendi allegedly sought deadly and sickening revenge.

Authorities believe that Efendi had his wife contact her rapist and lure him into a meeting, during which he stabbed the victim to death and set the van on fire.

The body of the alleged rapist was found dead in a burned van, and Efendi was arrested and accused with murder. Although Efendi claims he acted alone, authorities also arrested his 20-year-old wife as an accomplice.

Police investigating the murder said that Efendi cut off the victim’s genitals and had his wife cook them. Together they ate the severed human appendages.

“I was so outraged,” Efendi reportedly said after his arrested. He apparently also stated that he ate the body parts to “cure” his heartache over the rape.

The couple are now awaiting their fate, accused  for the murder.