Man Allegedly Takes Dead Mother to the Bank to Make Cash Withdrawal in Her Name

David Vanessa allegedly took his dead mother’s body with him to the bank and made a cash withdrawal in her name. The investigators of the case, in Plymouth, Minnesota, believe Caryl Vanzo was already dead when her son pushed her wheelchair-bound body into the bank, just days before her 91st birthday.

According to the investigation, Vanzo waited seven hours before he alerted authorities of his mother’s death— allegedly using that time to visit the bank where he made a $850 withdrawal in her name, KMSP reported.

Employees at the bank told investigators that they “couldn’t tell if she was breathing,” and her feet dragged beneath her wheelchair.

A neighbor also reported feeling suspicious about Vanzo’s excursion with his mother—telling news outlets they “didn’t know if she was unconscious, or not alive.”

Although Vanzo denies the claims, he was arrested for elderly neglect, and may face additional charges for financial exploitation.

Apparently, when Plymouth police arrived at the home to investigate they found the deceased Caryl Vanzo in bed, wearing a robe and fur coat. Her shoes were covered in feces, and officers said that the stench of human waste permeated the home.

According to the Plymouth police chief, social workers visited the residents in 2012 to check on Caryl Vanzo’s well-being, and authorities have investigated David twice before for financial exploitation of his mother.

We’ll report any updates as soon as we know.