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WATCH: Crazy Man with Chainsaw Threatens Family in Road Rage Incident

Road rage is nothing new, but imagine being accosted by an angry driver who gets out of his car and starts acting like he’s Jason from Friday the 13th.

A video recently surfaced which captures just that — a man with a chainsaw threatening an entire family in Canada.

Karine Cyr, who was in the car with her husband and two children, said a man cut them off before driving away erratically. That’s when Cyr’s husband followed the driver to get a license plate number to give to police. When the family ended up on a dead-end road, the angry driver exited his minivan and began threatening the entire family with the running chainsaw.

Cyr recorded the confrontation with her cellphone and posted the video to her Facebook account. In the clip, the man is seen revving his chainsaw while both children scream in terror.

In the end, he did eventually get back in his minivan without hurting anyone but then aggressively accelerated, almost hitting the family’s car.

The 37-year-old man seen in the video has been arrested by Canadian authorities. Police say that he is facing several charges, including armed aggression and assault. Check out the chainsaw road rage video above to see him in action.

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