Man Arrested After Hidden Camera Discovered in Starbucks Bathroom

A woman utilizing a Starbucks bathroom made the shocking discovery of a hidden camera. The disturbing item was found inside a unisex, single-occupancy bathroom, and at least seven adults were filmed using the facility, according to KTLA. The small pen-sized camera was mounted underneath a shelf, with the lens directly facing and filming the toilet.

The incident occurred in a Brea, California Starbucks location.

According to authorities, it was particularly difficult to track down the suspect because the bathroom was free-access that required no key or pass-code.

However some witnesses stepped forward, and provided information about a suspicious man seen loitering around the area. They provided authorities with a cellphone snapshot of an unidentified suspect.

The image eventually led to the arrest of 44-year-old Melcher Carrilloalvarado, who turned himself in.

He was booked on seven misdemeanor charges, then released. He is set to appear in court at a later date.