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Man’s Kinky Night with Handcuffs Ended Up with Him in Actual Handcuffs

Reuters – In February of 2016, an Arkansas couple’s evening of “kinky” entertainment ended with one partner in handcuffs. While one set of handcuffs was used for fun, it was quickly replaced by a real set in an arrest, police said. Now, their story is making it back on the web after 3 years, perhaps some readers can relate.

Dustin Taylor, 21, summoned police this week to his home in Fort Smith to remove a pair of handcuffs that just wouldn’t budge. He told officers he and his wife had been using the handcuffs the previous night while “doing some ‘kinky’ things,” the official report stated.

To their dismay, the couple had lost the key, Taylor explained.

The responding patrolman removed the handcuffs and did a routine search of Taylor’s name in a police database.

When the computer reported an outstanding warrant for Taylor on criminal mischief, the handcuffs went back on. This time, however, they stayed on.

man arrested after night with handcuffs
Photo: sikhpa

Sergeant Daniel Grubbs, the spokesman for the Fort Smith police, expressed a measure of sympathy for Taylor.

“I sort of wish the guy had invested in an extra handcuff key,” Grubbs said.

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