Man Arrested for Giving Stranger’s Child a ‘Wet Willy’

A 34-year-old homeless man was arrested and charged after he was accused of giving a “wet willy” to a 4-year-old boy in Connecticut.  According to reports from NBC New York, the boy and his mother were occupied in a business waiting room where the man, identified as Michael Migani, was also waiting.

That’s when Migani allegedly approached the boy, stuck his finger in his mouth, then put his finger in the boy’s ear.

The mother confronted him along with employees of the business, but Migani fled in his vehicle. He was pulled over by police, and later arrested for the alleged incident.

He has apparently been charged with second-degree breach of peace and second-degree reckless endangerment.

Migani has been released on $500 bond, but is expected back in court later in the month.