WATCH: Florida Man Arrested for Using His Wife as a Mop

The old saying is that there’s no use crying over spilt milk but one man seems to have challenged this old bit of wisdom by using his wife’s head and hair to mop up the milk she accidentally spilled while making him a sandwich.

Keith Davidson, 46, from Florida made a 911 call telling police “she threw my peanut butter and jelly on the floor.” In response, she said, “Because you ripped my shirt off and threw me on the floor. That’s why I’m yelling.”

Police arrested Davidson for battery due to this very unusual act of assault, which isn’t the first time Davidson has used his wife’s head and hair to mop up messes, according to the unnamed victim.

“To use me as a dish mop,” she said. “It’s not the first, not the second, not the third time. But I can’t take no more. He turned into a monster.”

Davidson has not yet entered a plea for the assault charge, but he’s due in court on January 27th.

As for his wife, she’s determined to keep him out of their home.

“You can love someone with all your heart,” she explained, “but if they’re not going to be a good person for you, in your life, then it’s time to just say goodbye. And it’s the hardest thing for me.