Man Assaults His Own Brother Over What?!

In Union Township, Pennsylvania, a man was so upset that his brother ate three entire Big Macs without sharing, that he proceeded to assault him.

We are calling this the “Big Mac Attack.”

He came home early Wednesday morning in a fit of rage after realizing there weren’t any burgers left for him. At first, he started to trash the house, knocking over furniture and throwing food around.

Not only did he trash the house, he went after his brother, Matthew Veres, and delivered some powerful blows to his face.

Veres’ neighbor commented on the incident saying Matthew had come to their house earlier that day to ask if they wanted an extra Big Mac, but they politely declined. She says she is glad she did not end up accepting the offer.

Thomas is now in the Washington County Correctional Facility, with a $2,500 bond for harassment and assault.