Man Bravely Takes On the Issue No One Talks About After Weight Loss

We often celebrate the weight loss successes of people as the ultimate win in their quest to feel happier and healthier.

We focus on the before-and-after images and the final weight loss numbers, and while those achievements are certainly worth applauding, there are some aspects of the weight loss journey that are often hidden, tucked away and ignored.

No one ever talks about the struggles that come after significant weight loss has occurred, because it isn’t always the most pleasant thing to acknowledge. Even after the numbers have dropped and the waistline is smaller, certain insecurities still exist – some of them are even the direct result of losing the weight. One such case is weight loss sagging skin — that loose and stretchy skin that gets left in the wake of major weight loss.

John Gaude knows this situation all too well. The YouTube fitness star documented his 160 lb weight loss journey online and while he has gained a ton of confidence due to the loss, he has also developed a new insecurity because of the loose skin left on his arms, legs, chest and stomach. But even though he is self conscious about the extra skin, Gaude believes it is just as much a part of his journey as anything else and thinks it is a powerful reminder of where he started from and how far he has come. He believes people should start talking about and embracing every aspect of the experience as a way of becoming fully comfortable in your skin and be proud of the body you’ve worked to achieve.

Check out the brave and inspirational video above for more on his story.