LISTEN: Man Calls 911 for Smoking Too Much Weed, What Cops Find Is Hilarious

Anyone who smokes pot has had the experience of getting too stoned and freaking out. But would you call 911?

An Ohio Man recently did just that because of a major panic attack after blazing. He’d smoked too much pot and was freaking out because his hands were numb. You can hear the audio clip from the 911 call below. In it, you’ll hear the 22-year old, who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, repeatedly saying he’s “too high” each time the 911 operator asks what the problem is.

Despite the humor of the call, the police were dispatched to the man’s house almost immediately. When they got there, officers found the man on the floor “in a fetal position,” surrounded by “a plethora of Doritos, Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and Chips Ahoy cookies.”

For some strange reason, according to the police report, the overly stoned man then gave an officer the keys to his car, where he had smoked the pot. The cop recovered a glass pipe, rolling papers, roaches, and a glass jar of marijuana.

Unfortunately, marijuana — medical  or otherwise — is not legal in Ohio, so this man now has charges pending for drug possession and drug paraphernalia. Poor guy — we wish someone had been there to calm the guy down before he made the disastrous call. He was right — he was too high.