Man Dies After Co-Worker Forces High Pressure Hose Up His Rectum

Two men got into a fight over the controversial topic of animal sacrifice. Now, Yakub Sheikh has died at a Toyota Shinrai showroom in Mumbai. His family claim this was a hate crime.

The 48-year-old’s brother, Samad, told a press conference this week that Yakub had been arguing with his colleague, Santosh Aherkar, about animal sacrifice and they had very different views. Hindus are strictly vegetarian. It’s unclear what the religions of these men are as of yet.

According to Samad:

We made our own inquiries over the last one month. We have learned that Aherkar and my brother had been having an argument over the practice of animal sacrifice… Aherkar told my brother, ‘Tu mutton khaake aaya hai na? Ab hum tera mutton nikaalte hain (You had mutton? We will take out your mutton now).’

Aherkar is said to have attacked Sheikh and inserted one of the high-pressure hoses used to clean cars into Yakub’s rectum. The pressure in the pipe was 140 PSI (pound per square inch).

Aherkar has been arrested and charged with murder.