Man’s Wish to Marry the Love of His Life Comes True Just Hours Before Taking His Last Breath

Our lives here on Earth, our purpose, would mean nothing if it weren’t for love.

Love is what holds things together. It’s what gives life hope. Some would say that love is an eternal flame that never burns out.

Even in death, love prevails.

Last year, a couple were planning to exchange their vows in the midst of summer. Rowden and Leizl were scheduled to get married on July 8, 2014, which was Rowden’s 30th birthday.

They, alongside their two-year-old daughter Zakiah and family and friends, couldn’t wait to celebrate their love for one another and embark upon the next adventure in their journey.

But then the unexpected happened. In late May, Rowden was diagnosed with Stage IV liver cancer.

Typically, liver cancer goes undetected in its early stages, as there are little to no symptoms. By the time he found out, it was already at such an advanced stage that doctors gave him little time to live.

So, as one last request before he died, he wanted to marry his one true love. And he got his wish.

Their wedding was planned in just 12 hours, and since he was unable to leave his hospital bed, the ceremony was brought to him. With his mother and two brothers at his bedside, Rowden held Leizl’s hand and expressed his devotion.

Tragically, just 10 hours of exchanging vows with his lovely wife, Rowden took his last breath.

We couldn’t watch this video without shedding a few tears. Seriously, have some tissues handy if you press play.