Man Discovers Spider Living Inside Him, Burrowing Under His Skin

Can you imagine the shock and terror of realizing a tropical spider has made itself at home by burrowing under your skin? It sounds like a scene from a horror-movie gimmick in time for Halloween — or the creepy-crawly stuff only found in nightmares — but it was reality for an Australian tourist in Bali, WAToday reported.

Twenty-one-year-old Dylan Thomas complained to a doctor about a thin red line running down his abdomen. Doctors told him it was an insect bite and treated him with antihistamines. However, the next morning Thomas awoke with searing pain as the irritation had lengthened and blistered.

Worried that it could be something much worse, he went back to the doctor—and after several tests they came back with the sickening news that a tropical spider had been living inside of him for the last three days. It had been tunneling under his skin, causing the irritation and redness.


Thomas described it to Radio 6PR as a tickling sensation that began to burn as the venom sunk into the skin.


Doctors believed that the arachnid had entered Thomas’ body through an old appendix scar and, from there, burrowed into his abdomen and up his torso to his sternum. They were able to remove the spider with a simple pair of tweezers—it was dead by the time they pulled it out— and it was apparently about the size of a match.


Thomas isn’t the only one to make the gruesome discovery of a body-invading creature. One man had a huge bug pulled out after complaining of a constant tickling sensation in his ear.

Main image: Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No (MGM)