Man Escapes London Terror Attack With His Beer

Man running with his pint, London attack
Man runs with his pint (Twitter/SkyNews)

London was hit by a terror attack on Saturday night and an image of one man, caught up in the chaos has gone viral after he escaped from danger – with his beer.

Footage of a group of people being evacuated from the London Bridge area after two co-ordinated attacks that left seven people dead, were shown on Sky News in the UK and many viewers spotted one man amongst the terrified group looking pretty calm as he ran with his pint of beer.

The picture of the man clutching his drink soon went viral on Twitter, as summing up the British attitude to the threat of terror attack.

This guys showing that no matter what you’ll never get in the way of an Englishman and his pint #LondonAttacks

— JamesT (@jamestonks167) 4 June 2017

Why ISIS will never win. Attack just taken place but fella on right refuses to spill his pint.

Nazis, IRA tried. Didn’t win. #London

— Pearly Queen (@londonlass666) 4 June 2017

London was hit Saturday night at around 10pm by a co-ordinated attack on London Bridge, where a white van ploughed into pedestrians, before a group wielding 12-inch knives attacked and stabbed people in the street in Borough Market, a popular area for restaurants and bars.

Since the attack happened, stories of heroism by ordinary Londoners have come to the surface.

One heoric bouncer threw bar stools, bottles and glasses at the attackers after seeing one of them stab a woman outside of a pub in Borough Market.

Claiming he and other doormen went to investigate a commotion in the street and then witnessed “three guys in camouflage trousers stabbing this woman”.

He told The Sun:”I realised I had to do something. If I hadn’t turned back there were so many people caught up in the panic there would have been more hurt.

“Me and another guy started launching bar stools, bottles and glasses at them to try and disrupt them.

“It was completely chaotic, like a war zone. They ran through the barrage and we deflected them and they literally ran straight into the cops, who shot them.”

The three terror suspects were shot dead by police within eight minutes of the first emergency call being placed, limiting the casualties.

It comes just weeks after the city of Manchester was also hit by an attack at an Ariana Grande concert, leaving 23 dead.