Man Finally Finds Home for Himself and His 11 Stray Dogs

A man named Steve has been homeless since 2001. In that time he has “adopted” stray dogs, bringing them into his pack and taking care of them. Although right now he has 11 dogs with him, he estimates that over the last 14 years he’s helped at least 50 dogs—if not more.

Living in California for most of those long 14 years, Steven decided to try his luck elsewhere. With just a bike, a cart full of belongings, and his dogs, Steve embarked on a 2,000 mile journey across the country to Indiana.

Now, thanks to some help from kind-hearted people, Steve has been able to find a forever home for both himself and his canine friends.

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Somewhere along the long journey, Steve and his dogs met Alicia Edrington of the West Memphis Animal Shelter. Touched by his story, Edrington helped spread the word about Steve and help him find support and assistance on the way to Indiana.

Thanks to a GoFundMe page set up by Edrington and her father, Steve and the dogs were able to stay in a hotel room—complete with doggy massages, curtesy of some shelter volunteers. They were also able to provide Steve’s dogs with quality food and dog equipment.

By the time Steve and his canine family finally made it to Indiana, the GoFundMe had raised over $12,000, and a Good Samaritan donated a trailer—the first permanent home Steve has had in 14 years.