Man Furious After He Sees Local Panhandler Driving New Car

An Oklahoma City man felt totally duped after he was conned by a 78-year-old panhandler, ABC reported. Daniel Ayala frequently gave a few dollars to a local panhandler, who carried a sign claiming she was a 78-year-old widow in need of money for food.

He had even sacrificed his own lunch on one occasion so he could give her the money in his pocket.

The woman is someone recognized in the community as someone frequenting the center median and asking for money.

As you can imagine, when he saw that same woman sitting at a gas station in a 2013 Fiat, he was more than a little upset at being duped for his hard-earned cash– that he thought was going to someone truly in need. Ayala didn’t hesitate to confront the woman and the video of that confrontation — filmed by Brandi Newman who was at the gas station with her son — has gone viral.

“You’re asking for money in the middle of the street, and you drive a 2013 car?” he said in his confrontation. “I better not see this car tomorrow,” he warned.

Newman said she too had given money to the woman, and she felt that Ayala’s frustration was justified. “I got scammed by a little old lady,” she said.

Ayala told reporters that he reacted out of anger because of her scam. “It made me mad when I saw her Monday behind this gas station right here parked, counting the money, and she had a lot of money in her lap,” he said.

Newman said that the woman’s family reached out to her and said that their grandmother has a panhandling permit and isn’t doing anything illegal.