Man Gets Arrested, Falls Asleep While Getting His Mugshot Taken

Fortunately we don’t know the following from experience, but we’d imagine when most people get arrested, sleep is the last thing from their mind.

But most people aren’t Christopher Shirley of Conroe, Texas. The 20-year-old was arrested for falling asleep behind the wheel while under the influence of synthetic marijuana on Feb 12. Apparently he didn’t get enough rest in his car and fell asleep again while getting his mugshot taken.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s department brought him in to be booked for a DWI, and as a deputy explained it, “he’d wake up and just kind of look around and nod off again.”

Shirley was picked up at a Walmart in Porter, Texas after a customer called the cops informing them of a man who appeared to be out of it in the driver side of a pickup truck, and that it was slowly rolling backwards across the parking lot.

At least an arrest and a hilarious mugshot image is the worst thing for Shirley to come out of this case as no one was harmed or injured.