Man Gets Plastic Surgery in Order to Join the Military

People get plastic surgery for lots of reasons, but who would have thought being able to join the military would be among those reasons?

Liam Palmer’s high hopes of joining the British army were dashed after he was refused entry due to the gaping holes left in his ear lobes by the ear plugs he used to wear.

Instead of giving up completely, he decided to cut out the problem – literally! He underwent cosmetic surgery to cut away the excess skin that was hanging, saying “This is it for the army – one step closer.”

For people who stretch their ear piercings out, it’s usually a permanent change once the holes pass half an inch in diameter, according to The Mirror, which reported on this story. Once they get past that point, the ears don’t close back up so the only option for those who want to get their old ear size back is to cut away the excess skin.

“You remove a wedge [of skin] but also two smaller wedges on the natural fold of the ear to lift the ear up,” explained Adrian Richards, the surgeon who performed Palmer’s procedure.

As for Palmer’s choice to have gotten the once on-trend piercing in the first place, he says he wouldn’t change his mind.

“I don’t regret it. (Wearing ear plugs) was just a part of who I was” he says.

Check out the video above for more on the story.