Man Gets Trapped in Washing Machine for Three Hours, Rescued by Team of Firefighters

Not a lot of details are known about this bizarre story. A 22-year-old man in Australia required a team of firefighters to rescue him after he became lodged inside of a washing machine. According to a report from The Telegraph, it is not known exactly how or why the man ended up inside the washing machine, but he was stuck in the drum for more than three hours.

It ended up taking firefighters over an hour to set him free.

Photos from the rescue show the low process of wedging the man out, as his entire lower body appeared to be in the machine.

The fire station said in a statement on Facebook:

“This job was interesting as the crew had not performed a washing machine rescue before, however under the direction from Station Officer David Cross the crew implemented a plan to extract the patient by disassembling the washing machine.”

The man was given medical attention as a precaution, but aside from reporting some pain he remained largely uninjured by the incident.