Forty Young Women Panic at Man’s Funeral After Learning He Died of Aids

Here’s one story that demonstrates why sexual partners should always get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

For 24-year-old man whore Daniel Decu, getting tested positive for HIV didn’t stop him from getting busy with multiple women. He also failed to inform them that he had the virus.

Often times, HIV has no symptoms. Zero.

Until his recent death, dozens of young women had no clue that the man they slept with was secretly spreading the infectious disease around town. A few discovered the ghastly news before his death, but many of these women only found out about it when they attended his funeral, which, of course, led to mass chaos.

So far, a total of 40 women have applied to get tested. Now, they are anxiously awaiting their results, while two have already been confirmed as HIV-positive.

According to the Metro, a local doctor was attempting to spread the word about Decu’s condition after he had a relationship with his daughter. Unfortunately, his efforts were made with the threat of a lawsuit by the man’s mother.

“I knew he had a lot of female friends but there was nothing I could do about it,” explained the doctor.