Man Accidentally Grows Huge Boobs While Treating His Baldness

Guo Qingbo of China decided eight years ago that he would visit a doctor about his baldness. The quack doctor suggested Qingbo use contraceptives to shampoo his hair.

The treatment began working amazingly well, but he began to notice his breasts began to grow… and grow… and grow. Eventually, people in his village began to think he was undergoing transgender surgery.

“I did not go anywhere during this New Year,” Qingbo told the media. “I am really afraid that they will mock me.”

According to his wife, she became very concerned and didn’t know why it was happening. “He is the only man in the family. My daughter married out. My son is in the army. He is the backbone. We got very upset after he had this problem.”

Medical experts assessed the situation and they decided that the boobs were excessive fat. Thankfully, they were able to remove the fat.

It’s obvious that the hair treatment seemed to work beautifully. Qingbo does have a beautiful head of hair — but unfortunately it comes with whopping side effects!