Man Hasn’t Seen His Mother In 10 Years, But When They Finally Reunite? OMG!

While it’s great to travel the world and spend some time alone, for people that work and study abroad. With the power of the internet you can stay in contact with your loved ones despite living several thousand miles away, but it’s not the same as seeing them in person. It’s never the same. You can’t give your mother, father, sister, brother, nephew and cousin a hug through the screen of a laptop monitor.

If you’re lucky, you will get plenty of chances to visit your family throughout the year, and if you’re living and working in a different country, opportunities to see your closest family in the flesh are scarce indeed.

Boston resident Jeffrey Mayi knows first-hand what it’s like not to be able to see your family for longer periods of time. His younger brother lives in Florida, while his mother lives in Gabon, Africa.

And even though he’s seen plenty of his brother, he hasn’t seen his mother for more than 10 years. So when he and his wife Shannon had their first baby boy, we wanted to share the special moment with his loving mother, but due to her living in a different continent, he couldn’t. His wife Shannon didn’t want to see Mayi suffer, so she arranged a nice surprise for him.

She had his mother flown all the way from Africa and called his brother up to come from Florida in what would be one of the most emotional family gatherings ever caught on camera. Mayi came home from work one day to find his mother and brother waiting for him there. To say that he was surprised would be an understatement. The emotional moment was forever immortalized by Shannon, who captured the whole thing on video.

Mayi is obviously completely stunned, and who wouldn’t be. The emotional reaction of seeing his mother face-to-face for the first time in over a decade really says it all. Family is the most important thing in life and he finally got to see the woman that raised him, and it was all thanks to his loving wife. The new grandma will get to see her new grandchild as well.