Man Hijacks Bus to Take Him to Tim Hortons

Some people love Tim Hortons, and then there are some people who REALLY love the fast food chain.

Case in point: Daniel Ferreira, 31, was arrested after allegedly hijacking a bus and forcing the driver to take him to a Tim Hortons in Toronto, Ontario.

The incident happened Friday morning, at approximately 12:30 am. “A man boarded the bus and he produced a large knife to the driver causing the other passengers to flee,” Const. Jenifferjit Sidhu told The Toronto Sun. He forced the driver to run through several lights before pulling into a parking lot shared by a Tim Hortons and McDonald’s. He then exited the vehicle and entered the establishment.

It’s not clear if he was after one of the chain’s world-famous doughnuts, a breakfast sandwich, or any of Tim Horton’s other delicious meal options. And while police didn’t comment on what happened once they entered the establishment at approximately 12:54 am, a source told The Sun that Ferreira was sitting at a table sipping coffee when police arrived.

“Officers directed customers out of store and the man was ordered to get down on the ground,” Const. Laura Nicolle said. Ferreira was then taken into custody without incident.

While the driver reported feeling “shaken,” there were no other known injuries. Ferreira was expected to appear at Newmarket Court later today, where he’ll faces charges of assault with a weapon, mischief endangering life, forcible confinement, uttering threats and taking a motor vehicle without consent.

Image: CBC