Man Holds Regular Crying Seminars to Help People Feel Better

Who hasn’t experienced the incredible stress release that follows a good cry session? Even if you don’t particularly make a habit out of it, you’ve probably had at least a handful of instances when a movie, a story or a song inspired a waterworks flurry, which you were thankful for after the fact. It’s okay, you can admit it. No judgment here, only love.

Well now a man in Tokyo is taking the same principal and applying it to a workshop where he invites strangers to let it all out in an effort to make them feel better. In other words, crying seminars is a thing now and it’s totally happening.

Takashi Suga leads these bi-monthly meetings in front of a crowd of people looking for an emotional release. He hand picks stories or movies he believes will get them to cry and plays them for the crowd.

Suga, who refers to himself as a “tear sommelier” says what he does is not unlike a wine connoisseur’s job, which is to match wine and food based on what goes well together. He explains he finds books, movies and videos that touch people’s emotions. He also believes a good cry helps to rid us of stress and fear longer than a laugh does, which might be why he didn’t go the comedy route.

Check out the video below for more, which includes the science that backs up Suga’s claims: