Man Lives with Pet Leech, Lets it Suck His Blood

WARNING: The video above may be disturbing for some viewers. Discretion is advised. 

Most of us with pets would do just about anything to keep them healthy and happy. But would you give up your blood for your pooch or kitty?

It’s not known where the owner of this pet leech lives, but rumors are that the video of the slimy creature snacking on its owner’s arm was filmed in Japan.

Before you check out the video, here’s a little bit of education on how a leech bite works: When one of these creepy creatures bites, it attaches itself to the skin and will stay there feeding on blood until it is full. It then drops off its prey to digest. Basically, a leech sucks until it’s full, and from the looks of it, this creepy pet is pretty darn hungry. In fact, leeches can suck up to five times their weight in blood.

Leeches drink the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. They also nibble on small invertebrates which they eat whole.

Now that you have that image in your head, check out the video above and let us know: Is a leech your next Fido?