Man Jailed for 9 Years After Shaking Girlfriend’s Toddler to Death

According to the Mirror, Connor Gibson, 23, the man responsible for killing his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter by violently shaking her has just been sentenced to nine years in prison.

Back in April, Gibson allegedly attacked little Kacey Hambleton at the family’s home in Northwest England after losing his temper. Experts say that the damage to her body was significant.

She died from a “catastrophic” head wound and multiple “car crash” injuries, including liver and thigh damage.

When Gibson called 911, he told the operator, “I put my girlfriend’s baby in the shower, two year old and she slipped and now she’s like not res……she’s breathing….but she’s just not responding.” Then, he added, “I heard a bang, ran in and she was on the floor.”

When sentenced, Judge Justice Carr addressed the court and said, “The court takes this opportunity to make it absolutely clear that neither she (mum Louise) nor anyone else in her family is in any way to blame for what happened to her.”

Afterwards, she glanced over at Gibson and added, “What happened only you can know, but for reasons best known to you and perhaps most likely in a fit of temper, you carried out a vicious and fatal assault on this very young child. You must have caused this conscious toddler such terrible pain and such terrible fear, that is before one even considers the suffering of her family.”

The victim’s father, Russell Hambleton, 27, is in shock about losing his daughter.

“The whole family has been left absolutely devastated and heartbroken by Kacey’s death. My little princess is gone and I feel like my heart has been ripped out. Kacey was a beautiful little girl with so much to live for; she has been taken from us far too soon,” he told the Mirror.