Man Kills Parents, Two Sons, and the Family Dog, Says It Was His ‘Destiny’

California resident Nicholas Holzer has finally confessed to stabbing his elderly parents, two young sons, and their dog. Authorities have charged him with murder and animal cruelty.

The incident took place in August at the family’s home in Goleta, CA. Holzer, 45, admitted to attacking his family members and their pet with kitchen knives as they slept. He has been indicted on felony charges that include special allegations, and it is not yet known whether prosecutors will try for the death penalty.

The big question everyone was asking when it happened: Why did he do it?

Holzer, who has no criminal history, called 911 to confess to killing his family, and reportedly told detectives that murders were his destiny. When asked about his motive for killing them, he reportedly responded that “I had to.”

Kelly Hoover, a spokeswoman for the Santa Barbara sheriff’s office, said in a statement:

Sheriff’s deputies recovered two large kitchen knives that are believed to be the murder weapons.

Holzer subsequently told detectives he had killed his family to fulfill what he believed was his destiny.

He claimed to have killed his father first, then the children, then his mother and finally the family dog. When asked why he committed these crimes, he claimed ‘I had to.’

He was described as calm and matter-of-fact as he spoke with the 911 dispatcher.

His sons were 10 and 13, his parents 73 and 74 years old.