Man Accidentally Shoots Himself While Taking a Selfie

Oscar Otero Aguilar flew too close to the sun in trying to capture the perfect selfie. His passing is certainly tragic, but his actions leading up to it are questionable, to say the least.

The 21 year-old was drinking with friends in Mexico City, in possession, for some reason, of a working gun and the ammunition to match. With a few drinks in his stomach, he decided it was a fantastic idea to take a selfie with the weapon to upload to Facebook. The rest is history.

It’s unclear if he realized the gun was loaded and the safety off when he pointed it at himself in preparing for the impending selfie, or if he simply decided to prove himself fearless in the face of all that firepower by having the gun ready to fire.

Neighbors heard the gun go off and called the police, who arrived at the home to find Aguilar passed out with a serious head wound that soon resulted in his death. While trying to align the camera and gun for his selfie, the gun fired straight into his skull.

Two friends were present at the time of Aguilar’s death, and one has been arrested while the other fled the scene. It’s unlikely anyone will be charged with murder as the death seems to be an ill-advised accident and nothing more.