Man Leaves Tap Running, Creates Frozen Waterfall Outside Apartment

What would happen if you left your tap water running all winter long?

One man who lives in the Jilin Province in China, Wen Hsu, 58, found out for himself when he left the warm water running in his seventh-floor flat – diverting it outside of the building. For 35 years, Hsu lived on the property, which was recently scheduled for demolition to make way for a shopping center, and ended up being the only resident whose flat was not bought out.

When winter approached, he was so worried that the water pipes throughout the complex would freeze and leave him without running water, he decided to leave his tap on all season long. Doing this ensured that the temperature of the pipes would stay above freezing. Winter in the Jilin Province is long and severe. The average temperature in January is between 6.8 and -1 degrees Fahrenheit.

“The water running into the pipe is from underground where it is above freezing and that is stopping the water pipes in my house from freezing. If that had happened I really would have had to move out. They want me to move,” Hsu told Daily Mail. “But what they were offering was not enough for me to get another place so I’m refusing to leave. I don’t have anywhere to go anyway.”

This stunning frozen waterfall has now garnered international attention, as people are taking notice of his ingenious stunt.

“The weather is warmer now so there is no danger of the pipes freezing – although I think it might take a while for the waterfall to melt,” Hsu said. “In any case I understand the developers may be prepared to make me a better offer now. I hope so. It is very lonely here in my apartment with nobody else around.”

Officials are now urging developers to settle the matter so that the project can move on.