Man Left in Dumpster as a Baby Reunited with Cop Who Saved His Life (VIDEO)

A California man had the opportunity to meet the police officer who saved his life as a baby. When he was only four hours old, Robin Barton was left to die in a dumpster 25 years ago, WPXI reported. Barton was only four pounds, two ounces, and covered in mucus with a large portion of umbilical cord still attached.

By chance—or perhaps a miracle—on-duty Santa Ana police officer Michael Buelna heard faint sounds from the garbage area, and decided to investigate. What he discovered was shocking.

“He still had all the mucus and stuff, and all the trash and gravel was sticking to him,” said Buelna. “I tried to give him a tiny little bit of breath, and he reacted a little bit.”

Now, two and a half decades later Barton has been reunited in an emotionally charged meeting with the man who saved him from death.

Barton and his adoptive parents shared their gratefulness for the chance to finally shake Buelna’s hand and thank him in person.

Barton, who was later adopted by an Orange County couple, said he harbors no anger toward his birth mother, and he forgives her. In fact, the young man is even trying to find her—he says meeting her will offer him some final closure.

His biological mother was identified as Serena Diaz—19 at the time—who was charged with child endangerment and attempted murder. She was sentenced to three years in prison.