Man Lives On a Pizza-Only Diet for 25 Years

Meet Dan Janssen, the man who has lived almost entirely on pizza alone for the last 25 years. Some call him a hero for managing to survive on the popular-but-not-very-healthy food. Others are grossed out at the idea of eating the same thing for years on end.

It’s really best to hear him describe his life in his own words, which is why Vice put out the mini documentary in the video above.

But if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, here is a quick fact sheet about Janssen and his pizza lifestyle:

  • He is 38 years old.
  • He has diabetes, but says that his diet isn’t to blame.
  • He claims his doctors have told him his cholesterol is fine and to “keep doing what you’re doing.”
  • He’s a vegetarian who doesn’t like vegetables, but gave up meat in his mid-teens for ethical reasons. That means cheese pizza is his go-to for every meal.
  • His fiancé finds his pizza diet “endearing” and doesn’t want him to change.
  • He admits that he probably suffers from a food aversion, and sees a therapist about it.
  • By profession, he is a woodworker.

What do you think about his one-of-a-kind diet? Could you survive on only pizza? Check out the video above.