Man Lives with Father’s Corpse for Four Months, Does Unthinkable with the Remains

The devastating loss of his elderly father drove one grieving son to drastic and unthinkable measures. According to reports 59-year-old Timothy Brown had been living with and caring for his 94-year-old father, identified as Kenneth Brown.

Together they lived as recluses, until a fire broke out in Kenneth’s bedroom and left him ill and injured. Kenneth eventually succumbed and passed away, but Timothy refused to call emergency services.

Timothy left his father posed his favorite chair, wearing pajamas, and then continued on through his normal daily routine. He continued this every day for four months, while his father’s body decomposed in the chair.

It wasn’t until a neighbor made the shocking discovery when stopping by to visit four months later that Timothy’s bizarre and gruesome secret was discovered.

When questioned, Timothy apparently said that he couldn’t bring himself to make the call to emergency services. Although he was initially taken into custody, he was later released.

An inquest found that Timothy’s mother had passed away years ago.

Medical examiners have not yet been able to determine cause of death because of the decomposition of the body.