Man Loses Face to Nose Cancer, Wife Believes He’s ‘Perfect as He Is’

Back in 2003, Donnie Fritts had to make a crucial decision, lose his nose and half of his face or lose his life.

He had just exchanged vows with his wife Sharon and was looking forward to a life lived happily ever after, but then he was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor — one that was relentless.

The father of three opted to have the procedure done, and after the 12-hour surgery, he woke up missing half of his face.

“To me he’s perfect as he is,” his beloved wife explains. She would just be happy to see him undergo some sort of reconstructive prosthetic treatments so that he would feel comfortable and confident enough to go out in public and enjoy life.

When he finally gets treated, he will have back his nose, upper lip and palette, as well as his teeth.

Watch the short clip above and see what happens after this man loses face to nose cancer, and how his wife’s love has kept him strong.