Man Lost Over 40 Pounds With Beer-Only Diet for Lent

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Del Hall of Ohio decided he would try something different for Lent this year. Based on an ancient Bavarian Monk tradition, he cut out all food and drinks and decided to only drink craft beer for over 40 days.

“I’m having so much fun with this,” Hall said in an interview on Fox and Friends First. “Being a beer guy, you always hear this story about the monks in Bavaria, like in the 1600s, that they gave up all solid food for Lent and they only drank this special kind of beer that they called doppelbock. It’s got a lot of nutrients in it, a lot of carbohydrates, and a lot of sugar.”

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It helps that Hall works as an executive for Fifty West Brewing Company where he’s around craft beer all the time. His diet plan consisted of two to five beers a day, spaced out so that he wasn’t drunk. He would even carry a small breathalyzer with him just in case.

“I normally have my first beer sometime in the afternoon and I might have one whenever I’m feeling a bit peckish.” Hall told LADbible. “The majority of the beers I’m drinking are at home. When I get home at night I might have two to three beers at the house and that’s pretty much a typical day.”

Despite the lack of solid food, Hall claims he feels great. “I feel like I’m in my 20s,” Hall said. “I went from 292.5 to 248.5. I lost 44 pounds. Not a single cheat!”

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And it’s not just the weight that’s been affected. “My health is so much better,” Hall claimed. “My blood pressure. My cholesterol. Everything has improved over what I was eating before of the standard American diet.” Hall was regularly checked by a doctor during his beer diet to make sure he wasn’t hurting his body with all that beer, and has not reported any negative side effects.

Now that Lent has ended, Hall isn’t planning on continuing this diet much longer. easing himself back into solid foods. “After 46 days of not eating food, I feel like I’m well educated now, and I’m ready to go to battle against obesity,” he said.

The final weigh-in from Hall’s Youtube channel.

And while Hall does not recommend this as a diet, if you’re going to do a beer cleanse anyway, Hall says, “Craft beer is the way to go.”