Man Shoots Epic ‘All By Myself’ Video to Kill Time at Vegas Airport

Anyone who has ever gotten stuck in an airport overnight or for any prolonged period of time knows you can do one of three things: you can either sleep to pass the time, but that can be uncomfortable and if you’re nearly as paranoid as us you’ll worry that someone will swipe your carry-on bag while you’re slumbering; you can walk around the airport and window shop, but that can get boring after a while; or you can just sit and wait, perhaps read a book or play games on your phone.

Well none of those options sounded good to Richard Dunn when he found himself staying the night at Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. So instead of suffering the long wait doing nothing, he decided to let the world know his pain and made a hilarious video with his iPhone that has now gone viral.

Watch as Dunn walks around the empty halls of the airport, rides the abandoned escalators and sits by the women’s restroom looking all sad and lonely while lip syncing Celine Dion’s hit “All By Myself.”

Check out the newsclip above and the full video below.

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.