Man Who Mysteriously Went Missing 10 Years Ago Is Finally Reunited with Family

There is probably no greater pain that having a family member or someone close to you pass away. However, what do you tell family and friends when someone you love goes missing and never returns? Well, nearly 10 years after Gene Gatewood’s brother disappeared he had to come up with an explanation. “I hate to say it, but I thought he was probably deceased. That’s the story I’ve been telling family and friends for some time,” he told NBC 7.

Thomas “Randy” Gatewood now 79-years-old, is a former Air Force Veteran. He has dementia and went missing from his home back in 2007. After years of searching Randy was thankfully found safely living at Bella Vista Health Care Center. However, the link that brought the family back together was a DNA test and a mysterious hospital record.

In 2011, Randy was admitted into the hospital for domestic abuse, but his family later learned that it was his caretaker that abandoned him.  He was left with another elderly man in a motel for multiple days without any money or food.

Thanks to the hard work of a National City Police Department, the family is now reunited and working on piecing together the strange story of how their loved one ended up missing for years.