Man Murders Girlfriend – What He Does with Her Body Will Leave You Stunned

David Goodell was convicted and sentenced to 45 years in jail by a New Jersey court, after he admitted to strangling his girlfriend and trying to cover up her death. According to the reports, Goodell was infatuated with Viviana Tulli, and had even penned love letters to her while he spent time in jail. But their love story would not have a happy ending.

Although Goodell’s conviction and sentencing occurred in 2013, the tragic story has recently resurfaced online and become something of a viral flashback.

The chilling story goes that, after he strangled her to death during a heated argument, David tried to cover up Viviana’s murder by faking a car accident. He drove around for six hours, disguising her body to look like a sleeping passenger, before he was finally caught.

“Police told us Viviana had been in a car accident and had not made it,” Viviana’s sister, Stella, recalled. “They said David had been driving the car, which did not make any sense as I thought he was in prison.”

David wasn’t in prison though, as he had been transferred to—and escaped from—a halfway house.

Viviana’s body was found in the vehicle, dressed in a hat and sunglasses, as though she had been a passenger. An investigation quickly revealed the true cause of death. An autopsy revealed that she didn’t die in the car, but had actually been strangled to death several hours before the accident.

According to Stella, Viviana had been dating David since she was only 16 years old and he was 27. Stella said she never got along with David, who she believed to be a bad influence on her younger sister and who tried to keep Viviana away from her family.

Court reports state that David laughed as he was issued the 45-year prison sentence for Viviana’s murder.